Videos zum Business-Enneagramm

Die Antreiber des Enneagramms

In diesem Video geht es um die Antreiber des Enneagramms. Das Business-Enneagramm beschreibt die Motivatoren von Menschen, eine Persönlichkeit zu entwickeln.

Aus der Nutzung dieser Antriebsenergien entstehen Gewohnheiten, Routinen und Bequemlichkeiten im Fühlen, Denken und Tun.

Diese sind von außen zu erkennen. Die Motivatoren nicht! Das macht deutlich, dass es sich bei dem Enneagramm um ein Modell zur Selbstbeobachtung, zur Selbstreflexion und zur persönlichen Weiterentwicklung handelt, frei nach dem Motto: »Nothing changes until you do! And nothing has to stay the same! Nothing!«

International Enneagram Association (IEA) Videos on YouTube

Martin on the Use of the Enneagram in Business: International Enneagram Association (IEA) Conference 2018 in Cincinnati, Ohio with a Business Panel on the Enneagram. Martin was invited by Bea Chestnut to share his experiences as an Enneagram teacher in business from the perspective of a European member of the IEA. Enjoy the answers on »How to Use the Enneagram in Business«!

Use of Enneagram - Part 1

Martin on Enneagram and Other Models - Part 2

Martin on Tipps working with the Enneagram - Part 3

Martin on Future Trends - Part 4

Martin on Typing (Participants Question) - Part 5

All of Martin’s Comments in one video of 19:22

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What Ginger Lapid-Bogda, Ph. D. writes: Beautiful Music by Martin Salzwedel

During these challenging times, music can be many things: a source of solace, a meditation, a way of attuning our three Center of Intelligence, portals to our deep emotional states, a connection to our soul and more. To help with this, I wanted to help you gain access to the wonderful music of Martin Salzwedel, an Enneagram friend and colleague who is also a passionate and artful musician and composer who plays both cello and piano. In many of my professional certificate programs, I play Martin’s “Canada,” which everyone adores and can be found on “Martin’s Journey: Fly with Me.” Because Martin’s music is available on Google Play, iTunes, Apple Music, amazon music, YouTube, Spotify, and about 70 other portals, it is available for free or a small download fee.

Sea of Possibility

Beautiful relaxing music, ideal for meditation and feeling enchanted (Music: Mother Earth Instrumental by Martin Salzwedel) combined with video clips from the Indian Ocean (South Africa), Atlantic Ocean (France), Pacific Ocean (Hawaii), and the Mediterranean Sea (Corsica Island)...