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Martin on the Use of the Enneagram in Business: International Enneagram Association (IEA) Conference 2018 in Cincinnati, Ohio with a Business Panel on the Enneagram. Martin was invited by Bea Chestnut to share his experiences as an Enneagram teacher in business from the perspective of a European member of the IEA. Enjoy the answers on »How to Use the Enneagram in Business«!

Use of Enneagram - Part 1

Martin on Enneagram and Other Models - Part 2

Martin on Tipps working with the Enneagram - Part 3

Martin on Future Trends - Part 4

Martin on Typing (Participants Question) - Part 5

All of Martin’s Comments in one video of 19:22

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What Ginger Lapid-Bogda, Ph. D. writes: Beautiful Music by Martin Salzwedel

During these challenging times, music can be many things: a source of solace, a meditation, a way of attuning our three Center of Intelligence, portals to our deep emotional states, a connection to our soul and more. To help with this, I wanted to help you gain access to the wonderful music of Martin Salzwedel, an Enneagram friend and colleague who is also a passionate and artful musician and composer who plays both cello and piano. In many of my professional certificate programs, I play Martin’s “Canada,” which everyone adores and can be found on “Martin’s Journey: Fly with Me.” Because Martin’s music is available on Google Play, iTunes, Apple Music, amazon music, YouTube, Spotify, and about 70 other portals, it is available for free or a small download fee.